Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

In case of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines, to start the bagging process, a horizontal sealing bar creates the ” Bottom Seal ” by clamping across the bottom edge of the tube, bonding the film together, and cutting off any film below. The product is either premeasured by a Multihead Weighing system or Volume based Auger Filling or Cup Filling system. When the gross weight of the product-filled bag is reached, filling stops, and the horizontal sealing bar seals the top of the bag, simultaneously forming the bottom of the next bag above. This bag is then cut off from the tube and is now a sealed package.

PK-30 & PK-30Twin

PK-70 Large / X-Large

PK-70 & PK-70Twin

PK-70 Quadro/Penta



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