Rice & Grains

Rice & Grains are small, hard, dry seeds high on Protein & must be handled with utmost care so that its nutritional values are not destroyed.

Pakona’s experts takes great pride in its many years of hands-on experience and offers its Horizontal & Vertical Machine solutions to provide a range of reliable, flexible and innovative packages with your needs in mind.

Related Machines

Horizontal Form Fill Seal:
PK-92, PK-102

Vertical Form Fill Seal:
PK-70,PK-70 X-Large

PK-79, PK-79L

PK-70 (Twin)
PK-70 X-Large
PK-79 & PK-79L
Center Seal Pillow Pouch
Doypack Hangar hole
Zipper Doypack Eurohole
Zipper Doypack
Side Gusseted Pouch
Bale Format 1
Bale Format 2
Bale Format 3

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