Malts & Desserts

Instant Malt Beverages & Dessert Mix powders are rapidly solvable, have full-bodied taste. These products need to be packaged air tight, therefore increasing the shelf life.

Pakona offers very delicate solutions ensuring exceptionally reliable seals without compromising on high performance throughput on its Horizontal & Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines for this Industry.

Related Machines

Horizontal Form Fill Seal:
PK-91, PK-100

Vertical Form Fill Seal:
PK-30, PK-70

PK-30 (Twin)
PK-70 (Twin)
Flat Sachet 4 Side Seal
Center Seal Pillow Pouch
Side Gusseted Pouch
Doypack Hangar hole
Oblong Jar
Oval Jar
Round jar Press Fit Cap
Round Jar Screw-on Cap
Square Jar

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