Detergents-Washing Liquids

Pakona’s experience with Detergent dates back to 1987, when we developed & sold our first ever Vertical Form Fill Seal machine for packing detergent powders.

With Washing Liquids now becoming more & more popular, Pakona has developed its Horizontal machines to cater to the market demands.

Related Machines

Horizontal Form Fill Seal:
PK-92, PK-101

Vertical Form Fill Seal:
PK-30, PK-70, PK-70 X-Large

PK-30 (Twin)
PK-70 (Twin)
PK-70 X-Large
PK-70 Quadro/Penta
Center Seal Pillow Pouch
Side Gusseted Pouch
Quadro seal
Penta Seal
Top spout Doypack
Top Spout Flat Sachet

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