Over the past 25 years PAKONA has gained TRUST & CONFIDENCE from Industry Leaders in their categories, who have joined hands with Pakona in the form of Licence Agreements / Technology Transfers to manufacture their products at Pakona plants in India.

SN Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

For Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

Holler, Bosch, Westdickenberg and Laudenberg, SN combines the technology and innovative strength of the five most influential German packaging companies. With five decades of experience, business acumen, foresight, a unique culture of innovation and enormous personal commitment, the SN management team has forged the global leader for horizontal rotary machines. Today, German packaging technology specialist SN Maschinenbau GmbH is a company with a solid past and excellent prospects for the future. Pakona’s strong relation with the Management of SN Maschinenbau from 2009 paved the way to enter into a Licence agreement to manufacture High Quality Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines for the Indian and North American market in 2011.

PMD Packaging Systems Pty Ltd, South Africa

For Vertical Balers

PMD Packaging has been serving the food industry for the last 40 years. The company was the first in Africa to produce vertical form fill and seal machines, and now has many thousands of machines installed in a broad cross section of industries and countries throughout the continent. PMD developed the Baling Machine as a cost effective alternative for the end of the line bundling & packaging. PMD and Pakona Engineers entered into a Licence agreement to manufacture Heavy Duty & High Quality Baling Machines for the Indian and surrounding countries  in 2010.

Jacob White Packaging Ltd, UK

For Cartoning Machines

The company produces a varied range of standard and custom built machines which erect, fill and seal cartons to any degree of automation. JWs main claim to fame, however, is product handling. Every machine is tailored to suit its own individual range of products, particular attention having been paid to the sensitivity with which even the most delicate products are transported through the packaging process. JW and Pakona Engineers entered into a Licence agreement to manufacture High Quality Cartoning Machines for the Indian and surrounding countries  in 2006.

IPN Equipment B.V., Netherland

For Spout Sealing Machines

The Innovative Packaging Network (IPN), headquartered in The Netherlands, has over 18 years experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative dispensing systems. IPN is specialized in plastic components for the packaging and healthcare markets. A group company, IPN Equipment develops, manufactures and services production machines such as filling, sealing and capping machines, spout inserting machines, inspection machines, special (custom made) machines. IPN and Pakona Engineers entered into a Manufacturing agreement in 2014 which enables Pakona to manufacture Spout Sealing machines for IPN

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