Vegetable Seeds

Packaging of vegetable seeds need to be done with highest accuracy & zero tolerance as these seeds cost a fortune.

The flexibility and versatility of Pakona’s machines allow you to meet both your production and marketing needs, without sacrificing one for the other, to get the most out of your investment.

Related Machines

Horizontal Form Fill Seal:
PK-91, FBM, PK-92, PK-100

Vertical Form Fill Seal:
PK-70 Quadro/Penta, PK-70 X-Large

PK-70 Quadro/Penta
PK-70 X-Large
Flat Sachet 4 Side Seal
Center Seal Pillow Pouch
Zipper Doypack Eurohole
Zipper Doypack
Flat Sachet 4 Side
Doypack Hangar hole
Quadro seal
Penta Seal

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